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    Quality Management Technologies

    Your partner towards zero losses in manufacturing of liquid food



    Every day thousands of packages are wasted in manufacturing of liquid food, for reasons like defects, buffer, or simply human errors. These losses is a huge contributor to climate change and therefore one of humanity’s biggest challenges right now. 

    To reduce over-production we must first understand why a certain percentage of all manufacturing is produced incorrectly. We aim to make the errors visible so you can take proactive decisions and reduce losses. 


    QMT delivers a system which gives clarity about your production. We promise peace of mind through innovation for production perfection! 


    QMT will ease the work for production staff, as well as the decision makers, who are responsible for production capabilities.


    Value: Our system will make daily work more efficient, make unnecessary waste streams more visible and give clear insights for making the right decisions at the right time! 

    Ulrika Linne

    eMail: ulrika.linne@qmtab.com
    Phone: +46 79 3592209


    Thomas Borgstrom

    eMail: thomas.borgstrom@qmtab.com
    Phone: +46 76 1030848


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